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We can mould a specific form over your cable, including your own brand or company logo if required. This is a far superior solution to standard options like heatshrinking or pre-formed boots/covers. Overmoulding gives a far cleaner, more secure and professional looking finish, while also providing good strain relief where required. We have a variety of tools for standard (and some non-standard) overmould forms, and can also have tools custom built to your specific requirement.


Cable Overmoulding is a specific injection moulding process that allows for the seamless combination of multiple different materials into a single finished part. We can pre-assemble the cable to your requirements. That assembly is then overlaid with a pliable rubber-like material, usually a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) exterior layer to give a solid secure finish that provides good sealing, strain relief and also flexibility on your finished cable assembly. Securing solder-points, crimp terminations, cable-entry points on connectors, as well as a multitude of other possibilities.

Increasingly popular with manufacturers, you may find overmoulding to be a great option for your next project when you consider the significant advantages it provides. 

Customers that want to add a soft-touch exterior to their products that enhances grip or “feel” and that provides a stylish appearance attractive to consumers are prime candidates for overmoulding. Overmoulding also reduces shock and vibration, dampens sound, provides electrical insulation, and improves chemical/UV resistance — which increases product longevity. Overmoulding also lowers production costs despite improving product viability and customer satisfaction.


Better Product Performance

A major reason for designing and manufacturing a cable using overmoulding is the improved product performance it will provide.

TPE is a perfect material for creating a soft non-slip grip for your cable as well as sealing the connections within, and providing a strong strain relief function for the finished part.

In addition, a TPE surface can act as an environmental barrier to protect a product and extend its shelf life by reducing shock, vibration and noise - all of which are key benefits of overmoulding. 


Increased Shelf Appeal

Overmoulding helps your product to stand out from your competition, since TPE can be used to create a visually attractive surface. TPE is available in a wide range of colours if required, and it can be engineered for different finishes. The outer surface of the moulded area can also be designed to carry your company

or brand logo.

Lower Production Costs

Overmoulding offers a very unusual advantage to production, in that it simultaneously adds value to your product, while also lowering production costs.

How? Overmoulding reduces the number of manufacturing steps involved, reducing the overall assembly time and leaving you with a better finished product.



Overmoulding is useful for many applications, but several factors should be considered when determining if it is the best solution, including:

  • Product design

  • Material selection

  • Injection moulding tooling quotes and equipment budgets

  • Labour costs

  • Production volume


Partnering with SPEED Electronics, we will help you to navigate the pros and cons of using overmoulding, and collaboratively guide you to the best decision for your cable project.

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