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How to choose the right Fiber Optic Patch Cable - Part 1

Choosing the right fiber patch cable is essential for a stable network.

But how do you choose the right patch cable? What do you need to consider? Which fiber optic (LWL) patch cable is suitable for your application?

In this and the following articles, we'll show you what you need to know in 5 steps to choose the right cable for your application.

Step 1: When do I use Fiber Patch cable?

You use fiber patch cables to connect active devices. Typically, fiber patch cables are used for patching in 19" cabinets. In some cases, fiber patch cables are also in cable ducts to bridge longer distances. Fiber patch cables are also used as a connection to installation cabling.

Installation cabling can be defined as cabling within a building, as well as external cabling, e.g. in a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network.

Step 2: What kind of fiber patch cable do I choose?

Below is an overview of the various types of MTP/MPO patch cables, duplex patch cables, simplex patch cables, Unitoot patch cables, Uniboot HD patch cables, short boot patch cables, ruggedized patch cables, armoured patch cables, IP67 patch cables, and fashion-optimized cables.

Learn more about the quality features, the structure of a patch cable, and which fibers and connectors are used in patch cables in our next article.

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