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Assembled modular grid cables with solid conductor UL AWM Style 2651 / CSA

Modular Grid Cables

Grid guide cables with solid conductors

These modular grid cables are often used as direct connectors between two boards or for connecting displays, single boards or smaller modules. It is a solder connector for direct soldering into the circuit board.

Bar connectors are usually available in a grid (distance between the individual conductors of the rigid conductor cable) 1.00mm, 1.25mm, 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 2.54mm, 5.00mm and 5.08mm. The cable shown here is a modular grid cable with a pitch of 2.50mm and solid conductors with a diameter of 0.4mm (AWG26). The temperature range is -10°C to 105°C and the cable is approved according to UL AWM Style 2651 / CSA. SPEED Electronics can assemble these cables in the required number of poles, to your desired length. Usually the two cable ends are not completely stripped, but the insulation is partially removed, as shown in the picture. This helps to prevent bending or damage to the individual conductors which could result in loss of pitch. The insulation can be removed immediately before soldering. In our production in Ireland, we manufacture UL-certified cable assemblies according to ZPFW.2 and ZPFW.8 for the export of your products to the North American market. If you have any questions about connection techniques in general or specifically about grid connector cables, please contact us here

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