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Duplex Fiberoptic Patch Cables

Duplex patch cables are the most commonly used fibre patch cables. Duplex patch cables consist of two connected cables, each with one fibre per cable. The two cables can be easily separated from each other. For this reason, duplex patch cables are also known as zipcords. Duplex patch cables use fibre for sending and receiving, enabling two-way communication for applications such as the internet and interactive television. Uniboot (HD), short-boot reinforced and armoured patch cables are modern variants of duplex patch cables with corresponding improvements.

Fiberoptic Duplex Patchcabel is available in different versions. All fibre optic duplex patch cables are LSZH variants (Low Smoke, Zero Halogens). You can get them in OM1 to O5.

Depending on the design, the lengths range from 0.5 m to 50 m.

There are various plug types available. Here are some examples: LC-LC, LC-SC, SC-SC, LC-ST, ST-ST, MTRJ-LC and many more.

The OS2 single-mode patch cables are also available in LSZH and in different lengths with different connectors.

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