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ACT - Specialists in custom wiring & marking

Strong in customer-specific wiring

In addition to an extensive range of standard wiring, we specialize in customer-specific cabling. In the field of copper and fiber arrangements, almost EVERYTHING is possible! Advantages of using ACT for your custom wiring:

- Extremely flexible, fast and inexpensive

- Extensive knowledge in many areas

- In-house quality management

- We produce a technical drawing for each customer-specific cable to ensure absolute clarity on both sides

- The option to mark cables with your own text/logo. Cable management is crucial in data centres and you need to be able to see at a glance, which cables are connected. Therefore, it is practical that cable markings are possible for almost all types of cables. From network cables (CAT6 / CAT6A), to fiber optic cables and DAC cables to power cables and many more, almost everything can be labelled to meet requirements. Benefits of using custom tags:

- Saving on labour costs because the cables are already marked

- No additional costs (purchasing special printers or other accessories)

- Ability to determine what is marked where, and how. Need more detailed information? Want to request a quote? Please contact us here.

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