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Cables and cable assemblies for high or low temperature ranges

Cable assemblies for use at high or low temperatures

If cables are exposed to high (>105°C) or low (<-15°C) temperatures, caution must be exercised, especially in constantly moving applications. When it comes to operation in remote parts of the world, warm or cold zones, cables with "normal" sheath and insulation materials often cannot meet the requirements. With increasing temperatures, the important plasticizers "evaporate" and the cables quickly become brittle and cracked. In order to guarantee safe operation even with extreme levels of heat or cold, specially designed cables are required. The connectors used should also match the respective, special environment variables. SPEED Electonics has gained a lot of experience in this area in the past and processes a wide portfolio of cables, wires and connection components that are specially designed for these areas. Of course, we assemble them according to your wishes and also provide tailor-made logistics that leave nothing to be desired. Let's talk about it, it'll be worth your time!

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