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Telco 50 Assemblies with Ericsson RF cable ELAFQ

The Telco 50 connector is a 50-pin Centronics connector, similar to the 36-pin version used for old PC printers. Telco 50 cables are also known as Amphenol cables, champ cables or RJ21 assemblies and are used as voice/data cables for LAN or Telecommunications networks. We assemble these cables at short notice according to customer requirements. In most cases a version with open end for placing on SID, crown or LSA strips is requested. The Ericsson cables used have a solid conductor with a diameter of 0.4mm, creating a gas-tight, permanent connection when the cable is terminated on the IDC contacts. Usually the LF Pair cable TEN 480 3402 ENAFQBU is used, but for higher bandwidth applications an Ericsson HF cable type HF Pair cables TEL 481 02 ELAFQBU/120 can be used.

Characteristics of the TEL 481 02 ELAFQBU/120: Impedance 120 Ohm Shielded with aluminium foil and copper braid Standard cable sizes from 1 to 16 pairs UL listed Halogen free design RoHS compliant


The cable is intended for indoor use in transmission systems and is perfectly suited for E1 transmission applications. The cable is polyethylene insulated, twisted pairs and shielded with aluminium foil and braid. All in all a sheath of halogen-free compound is applied.

If you have any questions about the article or need support for a project we are at your disposal.

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