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Fiber optic cables from ACT

Specifications of our fiber optic cables from ACT at a glance:

Simplex patch cable Simplex patch cables are usually used for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) and telecommunications. Simplex fiber optic cable means that the cable consists of only one fiber. Therefore these simplex cables are often used in a system where only one-way data is transmitted.

Duplex patch cable These are the most commonly used cables. Duplex patch cables consist of 2 fibers. These two fibers can be separated from each other.

Uniboot patch cable Uniboot patch cables are designed for high-density applications in data centres. This cable offers the possibility to accommodate two connectors in one "boot". Thanks to the uniboot connector, two fibres can be transported in one jacket, reducing the cable surface by 50%.

Uniboot HD patch cable Uniboot fibre optic cables with integrated puller, are used for high density panels. Thanks to the peel-off device, the cables can be easily removed.

Short boot patch cable Short boot patch cables are used when space is limited. By using the short boot LC connectors, the overall connector body is greatly reduced.

Ruggedized patch cables Ruggedized patch cables are the best option for distances over 10 meters due to the additional mechanical protection.

MTP/MPO cable MTP/MPO fibre optic cables are used in data centres because they are ultra-compact and fast. MTP/MPO fibre optic cables are available with 12 to 24 fibres in one cable and with one connector. Therefore the maximum performance (40 - 100 GB) can be achieved with MTP / MPO cables.

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